Collective Discovery are running workshops across the three years of this phase of the fund, exploring issues such as transferring power to young people, working with former beneficiaries, paying young people, measuring the impact of listening work, and other themes which emerge from our partners’ work. These workshops will be the basis for reports which will be shared here. You can sign up for workshops by emailing

In addition to annual reports on the learning emerging from the Fund, Collective Discovery are producing reports on specific aspects of our partners’ learning. All these reports are published here as well as under ‘Our Resources’.



 A TLF Practice Paper looking at how organisations are sharing power and decisions with young people. The paper draws on experience of Listening Fund partners in establishing youth boards, ambassador programmes and other ways of improving accountability to young people.



 A TLF Practice Paper exploring how and why organisations pay young people. Using experience and expertise from across the sector, this paper looks at different reasons and mechanisms for payments, and suggests some questions all organisations should engage with when considering pay and participation.



 This TLF Practice Paper examines how young people can safely and equitably be involved in monitoring, evaluation and learning activities. Based on conversations with organisations working in a variety of contexts, the paper offers some different ideas and approaches to learning.

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