Become share their five principles for listening

Become support children in care and young care leavers, and they’re passionate about listening to the young people they work with.  They recently posted a short blog on Medium.  It outlines their five principles for good listening and is a very helpful checklist for all organisations who want to improve their listening practice. Read it […]

The importance of young trustees

In England and Wales, less than 1% of trustees are aged 18-24. This lack of representation and diversity amongst boards means charities aren’t accessing a rich pool of expertise, passion and experience and are at risk of becoming irrelevant to the people they want to support. Takyiwa Danso speaks to three young trustees about their […]

Talking about our beneficiaries

In February 2018, Shelter published research into the language they use about their beneficiaries – and how their beneficiaries felt about that vocabulary.  Jenny Pennington’s article in Civil Society summarises Shelter’s findings and encourages us all to think carefully about the words we use. Read it here