How do you set up a great youth board?

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Insights from Listening Fund partners on Youth Boards and Advisory Groups By Jenny Ross, Collective Discovery We have been exploring the many ways youth sector organisations, and others, can increase their accountability to young people – listening to them in order to serve them better, and improve their organisation’s impact. Youth boards and advisory groups […]

A young person’s account of the difference good listening can make

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Authors: Chloe Sutcliffe, Listening, Advocacy and Mentoring Coordinator, Life Chance Trust, and Jessie Ford, an Every Chance Champion and Youth Board member, Life Chance Trust Chloe: What are the challenges of leaving school? Jessie: I think for me personally, leaving school was leaving that familiarity and the structure. There’s a lot of fear of the […]

The benefits and challenges of listening to young neurodiverse people

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Author: Kerry Hunter, Early Years Neurodiversity Specialist and National Neurodiversity Youth Council Co-ordinator, ADHD Foundation What we do The ADHD Foundation is the UK’s leading neurodiversity charity, offering a strength-based, lifespan service for the 1 in 5 of us who live with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, DCD, Dyscalculia, OCD, Tourette’s Syndrome and more. We offer national […]

Life Chance Trust: Learning from our first year of listening

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Author: Chris Keeling-Rowe, CEO, Life Chance Trust What we do The Life Chance Trust provides mentoring, life skills training and practical support to 16-25 year olds for whom trauma in childhood has caused social, emotional and/or educational difficulties that may exclude them from the traditional pathways to training and employment.  In particular, we aim to […]

Young grantmakers’ day

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Author: Sophie, a Listening Fund adviser I’m one of the ten advisers to The Listening Fund. As part of our role over the past few years, we have designed two grant rounds of Phase Two from scratch, thinking carefully about things like criteria, scoring, and accessibility at all stages, and then chosen which organisations to […]

The Listening Fund’s partner jamboree

Author: Edd Fry, Listening Fund programme manager “Jamboree – a large celebration or party, typically a lavish and boisterous one“ OK, so I wouldn’t say we reached ‘boisterous’. And ‘lavish’ might be a stretch given that at one point we ran out of tea. But there was definitely a celebratory air in mid-April when we […]

Listening with Youth Ambassadors at KRAN

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Author: Fawzia Worsley, Youth Engagement Coordinator for Kent Refugee Action Network The Listening Fund has helped KRAN to properly listen to our young people: even though we knew that we needed to understand young refugees better, we also felt that we probably knew better. Such is the way of adults. What we do at KRAN […]

Listening to staff with lived experience

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Author: Mari Eggins, Chief Executive of Carefree Cornwall I work for Carefree, a Cornish charity that would not exist if, as founding CEO, I hadn’t listened to what young people told me.  How Carefree began Carefree began in the early 2000’s, employing me as its first worker from January 2005.  As a foster carer who […]

The benefits and challenges of involving young people in monitoring and evaluation

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Author: Sarah Rose, Collective Discovery, learning partner of The Listening Fund Learning and evaluation can be powerful processes – informing judgements and decision making about impact, accountability and effectiveness. They are not value- or power-neutral processes: they are shaped by who decides what impact is, what stories get told, and what is deemed significant. Involving […]

How we developed co-production at Leap Confronting Conflict

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Author: Alexandra McKell, Head of Innovation at Leap Confronting Conflict What we do At Leap Confronting Conflict, we work with young people and the adults that surround them such as parents / foster carers or practitioners, helping them build skills to effectively navigate conflict. Our training fosters healthy relationships, and encourages positive decisions and self-growth. […]

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