The Listening Fund

The Listening Fund is an England-wide partnership which aims to make the youth sector more accountable to young people.

Phase One

The first phase of The Listening Fund in England ran from 2018 to 2020 and focused on supporting change in adult-led organisations. We invested in improvements to their listening policies, practices and cultures. You can read about what we learnt during the first phase here.

Phase Two

The second phase of The Listening Fund launched in 2021. We are supporting deeper learning at some adult-led organisations whilst also more directly listening to young people. 10 paid advisers are working alongside us throughout the second phase and central to their role is designing a funding strategy to improve organisations’ and systems’ accountability to young people. Everything we learn from our partners, advisers and our own reflections is being shared here, on The Listening Fund website, and on our Twitter account: @listeningfund.

There’s no point of shouting about Birmingham being 40% under 25 if our youth have no future.

Young Person, Brum Youth Trends 2017, via Beatfreeks

Our Partners

Our Advisers

10 advisers sit at the heart of the Fund’s second phase. Involving young people via these roles helps the Fund live its values, and it also brings invaluable challenge and insight into how to improve accountability

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Applying for Funding

The Listening Fund’s advisers are making their own grants during 2022. You can find out more about their strategy, and when and how to apply here.

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